“What We Do” is in bold blue lettering at the top of the page, with green dots underlining the text.
Image shows a world map with light blasts connecting major cities across the globe.

US and Abroad

Image shoes a group of hands of all shapes, colors, and sizes are piled on top of one another in a group huddle-like formation.

Diversity Among Participants (age, gender, ethnicities, backgrounds, and beliefs) in private internal database

Image shows a business meeting is taking place with a small group of coworkers, looking at a paper presentation.

Focus Groups (virtual and in person)

Image shows a historic community building from ancient times.

IDIs (virtual and in person)

Image shows a woman working on a white iPad.

Ethnographies: In-home and On-Site

Image shows multiple stick figures made of wood in a large community-style presentational setting, with a human hand adding more wooden figurines to the group.

Online Communities NDA Collection

Behind the Scenes
Image shows a team of two employees working on a project at the computer together.

Survey Programming

Image shows a person holding an ID near a laptop computer.

Participant Screening

Image shows a person filling out a paper and survey with a ballpoint pen.

NDA Collection

Image shows a person on a video conference meeting on their laptop computer with six other video participants.

Platform Connections: Let us coordinate the details between you, the participants, and the platform. We have connections to top-of-the-line platforms that can meet all of your needs. Ask us about promotional