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Get Paid to Give Your Opinion

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If you are insightful and love sharing your thoughts, and qualify, Confide will compensate you for giving us a window into your life, behavior, and preferences. All responses are confidential and you get paid just for sharing your honest opinions.
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What Our Participants Have To Say

I was introduced to Confide Research by a friend who would participate in studies. It’s a great, easy, and fun way to earn some extra money. The process is simple enough. They’ll tell you right away if you are a good candidate for the study or not. If you are considered a good candidate for that specific study, the team is so quick about reaching out and getting you signed up. Molly has been the one to communicate with me in the past and she is so nice and makes the process to get signed up super easy. I have personally participated in about 3 or 4 studies over the past few years and they have all been pretty different . Some have been on video chats with larger groups, some smaller. One that I have done before wasn’t a video chat at all but it required a bit of homework for me to complete each day for about 4 days. None of the studies take up too much of my time but I will say that they do make sure that your time is compensated appropriately.

Brittany R 2023

Great research company! They are SO professional, and enjoyed the whole experience. All the people I encountered were so nice.

Megan K 2023

I love participating in the Confide Research studies! They are so interesting and fun! I get so excited when I qualify for the studies!!! And of course I love the incentives to participate in the studies!!!

Rebecca G 2022

Confide Research is great! Everyone is friendly and professional. I have been a part of a few studies and they have been very interesting. I enjoy the collaboration part of hearing others' ideas on products or whatever the nature of the discussion is for the study I am about. The studies are fun, and I earn a little extra money which is always a bonus! I highly recommend being a part of the Confide Research team!

Zach M 2022

Confide Research is a great company! Everyone is friendly and professional. I have been a part of a few studies and they have been very interesting. I enjoy hearing about new ideas/products and listening to how other people view them. The studies are fun and I earn a little extra money from the comfort of my own home! I highly recommend signing up to be a part of the Confide Research team!

Erin S 2022

Confide is easy to work with, their studies are interesting and the pay very fast! Can’t recommend them enough!

Jayme O 2021

Confide Research is a professional, dependable and reliable company. I have interacted with Molly on a few occasions and received exceptional service. So happy to find a legitimate research company!

Page S 2021

Confide research is top notch! Extremely easy to work with and very professional. The study groups are interesting and fun to participate in. Molly was the consultant that helped me when I did a study recently. I knew exactly what to expect because she communicated everything so clearly. And anytime I emailed with a question- she answered quickly. I highly recommend working with Confide!

Heather S 2021

I want to brag on Molly at Confide Research for a second! I recently did a shopping study that I truly enjoyed, but the part that made it most enjoyable was my interactions with Molly. She was organized, professional, and super-duper helpful throughout the entire process. I’d love to work with her again if I get the chance to do another study one day.

Summer C 2020

Confide Research is a great company to work with for paid research studies! I have participated in their studies a few times over the past few years and always had a great experience. The team at Confide is always friendly and communicates very well, giving updates at every step. The contact I work with, Molly, is super organized and always makes sure I get paid on time for studies.

All the studies I have been apart of are interesting and an enjoyable experience all around. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to participate in paid research studies.

Blake S 2020

I have participated in a couple of interviews through Confide and had a great experience. It was fun and earning some extra cash isn’t a bad thing either. They were very professional and I received my compensation in a timely manner. I look forward to participating again in the future.

Michael B 2020

I have participated in a couple of these research studies. I thought they were fascinating!! They were very professionally conducted and the benefits for participating are great too.

Rhett J 2020

I had a great experience with Confide Research today with my first focus group scheduled by Molly. I thoroughly enjoyed the topic/study and the conversation. I would love to participate again soon.

Jennifer B 2020

This platform is truly amazing. I never thought I could be one of the chosen participants in one of their online discussion. I had the chance to share my experiences and insights plus I get to enjoy the incentive. It's an honor to be a part of this community.

Chineth S 2019

I was a little nervous about doing an in person interview but I'm glad I took a chance and try it. I was paid quickly too. The best part was having people ask what I thought . If you want some extra $ sign up. This company is professional and friendly.

Angeline R 2019

Great experience! Loved hearing other people’s point of view and ideas!

Jenny S 2019

I just finished my first project with Confide. It was interesting and fun. The follow up web interview was very thorough and personal. I was paid quickly with the money deposited right into my checking account! I hope to work with them again!

MaryEllen B 2019

I have truly enjoyed my interaction with this group!! They are professional and personable. It has been such a great experience!!! Thank You for choosing me.

Lisa J 2019

I enjoyed talking with Ms.Blair. Payment was easy. Must have bank account no pre paid debit card. Looking forward to working with Confide research in the future.

Kiara C 2019

Confide runs a very professional operation. I just finished my first study and really enjoyed it. It was engaging and so much fun!!! They paid quickly through Zelle which is truly the best and most efficient way (straight into your checking account). Thanks Confide for including me. I hope to participate in another one in the future.

Gina E 2019

I finished my first study recently, and I really enjoyed it! Can’t wait for the next one!

Blair J 2019

A couple weeks ago I participated in a research study on hobbies through Confide, made some extra cash doing it and it was so easy! It took less than a minute to sign up and you will get emails if you qualify or might qualify for upcoming ones. I can’t wait to do another one!

Brandie G 2019